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A Book About Money For People Who Care

Love Money, Money Loves You by Sarah McCrum is a book about money like no other.

It doesn’t promise quick riches but instead invites you to understand the energy of money and develop a relationship with it based on your values and the spirit of generosity. Releasing the limiting beliefs and patterns we’ve learned about money, we practice a new way of trusting money and life itself.

Love Money, Money Loves You reveals a more profound truth about what money is, how it works, and how you can form a healthier, happier relationship with it. As we read, we become acquainted with the energy of money. Many people say it’s like meeting up with a long-lost friend after many years apart.

First of all, the message of the book is beautiful. I often hear people say it’s the first time in their life that they’ve felt they can connect with money. It feels alive to them and reveals itself as an energy of love and generosity that’s here to serve humanity.

Sarah McCrum

Love Money, Money Loves You is a practical, grounded book full of advice and simple exercises to practice improving our relationship with money and attracting more abundance into our life.


What do we care about so much that we’re willing to protect, love, and nurture it to grow to its greatest potential? What do we value so profoundly that losing touch with it feels like losing touch with our soul? How does money relate to our true sense of value? Is it possible for us to align our financial life with our deepest values?

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Are you curious about the following?

● How to make money, your friend.

● Asking for what you want in a way that works.

● Becoming open and receptive to money

● The new energy of money for business models.

● A glimpse into the future of money.

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Are you ready to relax about money?

If so, consider getting Sarah’s book by clicking on my affiliate link at no extra cost.

Money is interwoven through every moment of our lives, connecting us all in an invisible web of exchange. When we change our relationship with money, we change our relationship with life.

Sarah McCrum


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