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From Findhorn~An Online Course on Spiritual Health & Happiness

Life Journey Soul Gifts invites you to explore contemplative practices for today’s world. This September, give yourself the gift of a course on Spiritual Health and Happiness

I am pleased to announce an opportunity to deepen your practice with leading mind-body-spirit teacher William Bloom, hosted by my spiritual Alma Mater, the Findhorn Foundation – Eco-Village in Scotland. William Bloom has developed this online course over years of teaching the subtle and nuanced work of listening to our deepest inner selves. Profound, compassionate, scholarly yet accessible, his teaching is firmly grounded in everyday life.

Life Journey Soul Gifts invites you to explore inwardly focused practices and to settle on the ones most suited to your temperament and lifestyle, and here Secrets of Spiritual Health & Happiness will help you connect with the wonder, energy and love that permeates the universe.

Highly relevant to beginners and experienced meditators, this course integrates the best of spirituality and holistic medicine and addresses our spiritual health and happiness —which is different from material health and happiness.

Spiritual health and happiness is an inner experience of strength, optimism and peace, whatever our situation or circumstances.

I am signing up! Who doesn’t need to develop, grow or refine those skills in 2022?

William Bloom is the author of 25 books, including The Endorphin Effect and The Power of Modern Spirituality. Yoga Magazine describes him as a modern Western mystic.
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To book, go to:

‘Inner peace as easy as breathing.
William Bloom has an encyclopedic knowledge of meditation.’
The Independent

Hosted by the Findhorn Foundation

Starting Wednesday 7 September – 7:30 pm — 9:00 pm (London time)
Two sessions every week for three weeks, all in September
• Wednesday 7th • Sunday 11th
• Wednesday 14th • Sunday 18th
• Wednesday 21st • Sunday 25th

To book, go to:


  • Carla DeCrona

    Hello Françoise
    Hope you’re summer is beautiful and blessed. Is there any chance that you will be heading our way in September? Would be delightful to see you. Hugs 🤗

    • Francoise Ducroz

      My dearest Carla,
      I plan to come in late autumn and enjoy the Birthday Celebrations and hope to see you soon in person in our beloved Scotland. Meanwhile, I am progressing on my blog and am thrilled to let people know about William Bloom’s upcoming course. And I am signing up for it.

  • Granville Stone

    As humanity nears the end of its long, long journey through time, its becoming increasingly important to be aware of and demonstrate all the many talents that we have accrued to ensure our harmonious transition into the promised Golden Age – a vision that I first became aware of when sharing Williams early teaching nearly forty years ago at gatherings and Meditation sessions, wisdoms that he continues to teach today to help awaken humanity to its full potential of restoring the earth to the paradise it can be.

    Much Love

    Granville Stone
    Resource Person Focaliser
    RP Network
    Communications Department
    Findhorn Foundation

    • Francoise Ducroz

      Thanks for your comment, Granville.
      Some say that the new world, the new earth is already here. We can inhabit it if we choose, but it isn’t a physical place. Instead, it is a vibration, a state of consciousness—all the more reason to keep our spirits up.

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