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MANIFESTO FOR A FREE EARTH~The Earth is elemental consciousness~ by artist Marko Pogačnik

Marko Pogačnik

Well-established Slovenian sculptor, author and beloved spiritual teacher Marko Pogačnik published this past November a prose-poem-prayer which can be viewed, inscribed in charcoal, on an 11-meter high wall of an art gallery in Ljubljana. I attended several of Marko’s nature healing workshops while living at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland. Marko’s work has led him to highly polluted places or sites of great desolation, such as concentration camps, where he and his students work with nature to bring healing and reconciliation.

The Earth is, first and foremost, an elemental consciousness, and as such, the Earth knows that a cosmic cycle has ended.

Manifesto for a free earth

Mother, Mother, is it true that “climate change” will turn green meadows into wastelands and dry up the clear rivers and streams?

Mother, Mother, is it true that masses of climate refugees will flood Europe and famine will plague human populations between the South and the North? 

Mother, Mother, is it true that the Sun will shine so brightly that the ladybirds will fly away and people will go to the afterlife in huge waves?

Mother, Mother, is the Earth really a dead thing, incapable of helping animals, plants, people, landscapes and dolphins in dire need?

The Earth is not an inanimate object made up of hard rocks, clothed only in a thin layer of living tissue. The Earth is, first and foremost, an elemental consciousness. As a conscious being, the Earth knows that the cosmic cycle has turned, that the time of human autocracy inflated by the will to power and authority has ended.

As a co-creator in the revelation of a new round of cosmic evolution, the Earth knows that an age of interplay of opposites is coming.

The Earth is a living being made up of countless tiny suns, which hold memory from eternity to the end of eternity.

To prevent the disintegration of the fabric of life, the Earth has raised the energetic pulse of its worlds and their beings to a new level of existence. 

To provide enough space for all beings, visible and invisible, to evolve, the Earth is opening the door to current unknown areas. Split into different dimensions; the Earth can accommodate all beings determined to preserve and love the Earth as a place of creative coexistence. Yet, simultaneously, the Earth closes the door to forces and powers that are not dedicated to life and are not ready to exist and act in harmony with the essence of being.

The Earth, as the creator of the embodied world, opens the gates of the Water element, leading into the halls of health and the landscapes of healing.
As the mother of embodied creation, the Earth opens the gates of the Earth element, leading to the causal worlds of being where ideas take form.
The Earth, as the creator of reality, opens the gates of the Fire element, leading to the truth as the simple truth of life.

The Earth, as the mother of the world of revelation, opens the gates of the Air element, leading to insight into the meaning of existence and creation on Earth.

Mother, Mother, is it true that the landscapes of the Earth are inhabited by innumerable elemental beings invisible to us, the guardians of life in nature?

Mother, Mother, is it true that the dead dwell not far from us as invisible companions and guardians of the incarnate human race?

Mother, Mother, is it true that the dragons sustain and renew the core force of life that cannot be erased, suppressed or permanently enslaved?

Mother, Mother, is the Earth a living expression of infinite love, a paradise if that is what we choose?

Thanks to William Bloom for bringing Marko Pogačnik’s latest work to my attention. In sharing it, I wish to acknowledge and honor the countless people doing the quiet, meaningful, profound work of holding and healing ourselves and our Earth. May the transformative energies of 2023 inspire many more.

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