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On Soul, Beauty and Truth

Beauty is Truth, Truth Beauty
John Keats
19th-century romantic English poet

Beauty awakens the soul, and the truth is found in stillness.

In her book Writing Toward Wholeness, Jungian analyst Susan Tiberghien invites the reader to ” take a moment to write a journal entry about an experience of beauty. Close your eyes and remember a walk, some trees on a hillside, a sunset, a single star. An encounter with Beauty. Describe what you saw, what you felt.”

So I ask, Dear Soul, what do you want me to know today about Beauty and Truth?

Soul, beauty and truth go together like bread, butter and honey. They enhance each other’s flavor and nourish the person dunking la baguette in her morning coffee. Is this too mundane a description of such elevated notions? Of course, it is. Still, remember that:

Soul, Beauty and Truth are the stuff of every day.

It reminds me of the Sunday clothes of my catholic childhood. Why did my prettiest dress and best shoes have to stay in the closet during the week only to be worn to mass? Of course, I understand my mother’s need to restrict the damage to her children’s limited wardrobe, but as a child, I wanted to wear my Sunday clothes every day.

In the same way, beauty and truth cannot stay in the armoire and be taken out only on special occasions. Why not wear them, enjoy them, and be at ease in them? There is no need to restrict yourself. And know that you can connect with Soul, Beauty and Truth as often as you want throughout the day.

Truth is found in stillness. A universal truth exists whether we believe it or not.

When we bring our visions and noblest ideals down to earth into daily life, I call it applied conscious evolution or applied philosophy. And if today’s mystics and seekers still pray and contemplate in quiet monasteries, many have left their mountain caves to serve wherever needed.

Simply put, when we seek beauty and truth around us every instant of every day, we invite a better world into being. And when I can accomplish this, I call it a good day.

And you, my friend, how do you find Soul, Beauty and Truth in your day?

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