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What about intuition?

They see, they know.

I love this picture of a wise woman listening to the guidance of her white owl, facing forward with knowledge and poise.

Owls and white owls, in particular, are known as messengers from subtle realms. Among First Nations, they are totem animals that bring wisdom and intuitive knowledge. In Harry Potter’s world, the white owl Hedwig is a gift from fellow wizard Hagrid on his eleventh birthday. Her primary function is to deliver Harry’s mail. Literally, she brings him messages. She is also his companion, guide and protector. I will say that is quite the definition of intuition!

Albert Einstein said: “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. But, unfortunately, we have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

We know that great scientists are intuitive and rigorous in their research. It is a balance they learn to trust to achieve significant breakthroughs.

Intuition is innate yet requires that we develop it as we would a skill, learn to listen to, ask questions and trust the information we perceive.

The last part, relying on the message we intuit, is the hardest part. Our overactive rational mind conjures thousands of ways to challenge the validity of inner knowledge when it has something to tell us for our greatest good. We doubt ourselves and dismiss the message and the messenger.

So, where do we start? You know the feeling, something wants your attention, and you don’t know what it is. Check your body.

7 steps to listening to your intuition

  1. Remember to breathe when you get that sense, a nudge, a gut feeling.
  2. Slow down and pay attention to the sensation in your body. Where is it? A tight belly? A hackled back? A constricted throat? Or a contented heart?
  3. Take the time you need to feel it. Now, think of traffic lights.
  4. Red light, you stop, and you go no further.
  5. Orange Light, you stop, proceed with caution, or change your route.
  6. Green Light, you go forward with trust and enthusiasm.
  7. When you have safely arrived, remember to give thanks to your inner guidance.
Harry Potter and Helwig

And you? How do you know that you know? We would love to hear. Please leave a comment below.


      • Niki

        Love the images and the exercise. For me personally being of a uranian nature, things just come to me. That is one manifestion of my personal intuition. And then I have feelings, fear : a red light at least in feeling, but it could just be unfamiliarity, a sort of fear and insecurity that things could go wrong. What feels clear and right to me is when I sit with another and I feel in my heart a true connection, then I know something extraordinary is happening, It’s a vibration that isn’t really personal it feels very powerful and much more kind then the pit in the stomach and the throat closing in. I m not sure why I trust the heart feeling more then the pit in the stomach feeling.

  • Ceolanna

    Niki, Could it be that it is easier to trust a feeling of universal love and deep connection, as you describe, than a more complex sensation of contradictions? The green light and the red light give clear messages; Green GO and trust, Red STOP and regroup. The orange light requires further inquiry in a dialogue with the body. Ask the pit in the stomach for clarification; is it fear, worry, suspicion, guilt, hurt, grief, anguish? And listen to the answer with your entire being. In all cases, once our intuition has gotten our attention, we can explore the situation further by journaling or speaking to a friend or therapist. To help understand human emotions and experiences, I recommend Brenée Brown’s excellent book Atlas of The Heart.

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